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Wall Waterproofing

Stop moisture coming through your walls and eliminate mould, mildew, efflorescence and paint blistering.

    Masonry Water Repellent

    Single brick walls can be made water repellent from either the outside or the inside depending on accessibility. Treating the wall will stop moisture travelling through the brick carrying dissolved salts to the other side and on evaporation shows as efflorescence on the surface.

    The efflorescence will slowly deteriorate the surface of the brick and significantly shorten the life of paints & coatings as well as damaging stored goods.



    Wall Waterproofing | Waterproof Brick Walls

    Render Water Repellent

    Standard render with two coats of white paint.                      Render Water Repellent applied, and two coats of white paint.
    Render Water Repellent Applied 

    Moisture Rising Up the Wall
    Untreated section shows moisture coming to the surface. On treated section moisture is prevented from coming to the surface.
    Wall Waterproofing

    Summer - Wall Dry
    Untreated section - the moisture has bought salts and             
    efflorescence to the surface and on drying, these have                 Treated section - there are no salts or efflorescence on the
    crystallised resulting in damage to render and paint.                       surface nor any deterioration of the surface.
    Wall Waterproofing Products

    Moisture is rising up the wall, and the cycle will continue.
    Waterproof Render and Brick Walls

    Wall Waterproofing - Waterproof Brick, Render and Masonry Walls

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